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What is STRATZ?
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What is STRATZ?

STRATZ is a team of esports veterans who have come together to build the future of esports analytics. Starting with Valve Software’s Dota 2, we store and parse data from every public match, and use it to create highly personalized, clear and concise interfaces that rival Dotabuff and OpenDota, empowering players to explore and learn from.

STRATZ is revolutionizing the Dota 2 statistics experience. Using highly personalized data visualizations, AI-powered match predictions, a robust API, and a rapid release cycle, STRATZ is the next generation of esports analytics.

Most Fridays we introduce new content across our site. This rapid iteration cycle is essential to keep up with the constant changes in Dota 2, and lets us react quickly to user feedback.

Unlike other Dota 2 stats and analytics websites, the STRATZ website is completely free to use. Our team is available every day for discussion in our Discord, and we share regular development updates on Medium.

Our mission is to define the standard for accessibility, immersion, and insight into esports analytics. We see a future where competitive gamers from all walks of life can be recognized and rewarded for their achievements, even when they aren’t competing on the world’s biggest stages.

The STRATZ website is
completely free to use

Dota 2 Matches Parsed
Player Profiles


Heroes are the foundation of every Dota experience. Every hero has the potential to completely change the dynamic of a team, and every player can completely change the dynamic of a hero.

Since heroes affect nearly every aspect of Dota, we include heroes in almost every aspect of STRATZ. Some of the ways we’ve done this so far include:

• Carefully curated Guides from Immortal players
• A Meta Trends page that looks at heroes’ performances ranging from hours to months
• Support for hero positions, as defined by the Rank Roles matchmaker
• Up-to-date leaderboards showing the best players of every hero in every skill bracket
• Much more including item win rates, laning outcomes, synergies and counters, and patch history

We’re also excited to announce that we’re building a new set of hero pages from the ground up.


Dota is actively played by millions of players around the globe. The best players are so influential that their gameplay decisions and strategies often affect the entire meta.

We’ve crafted a personal profile for all public players in the game. Every feature is free to everyone, with enhanced personalization features activated when you log in. Your profile includes tons of insights, including the following:

• Complete match history
• Historical rank progression
• Hero and position stats
• Toxicity and smurf detection for all players in your matches
• Ability to compare your lifetime or recent stats with any other player on one screen
• Detailed draft, ability, and item build analyses
• Much, much more

More recently, we’ve begun measuring player tier distribution across all of Dota. We also show global highlights, which are a collection of the most amazing achievments happening around the world in real time, at in a banner at the top of most pages across the site.


Valve allows players to create and view Hero Guides in Dota. These guides include ability builds, item recommendations, and notes. However, the best learning tools come from the best players succeeding in real world situations, where context is key.

Our Hero Guides are curated from the most recent top performances from the best players in the world. There are several Guides for every hero, and each Guide details how the player reacted in game to achieve such a high performance.

While our curated list of Guides offers the best learning material from the best players, Guides are also available from every player in every recent match on every Match page in the Focus section.


Billions of public matches have been played since Dota 2 was released in 2013, and we’ve parsed and stored stats for all of them. The data from these matches is the foundation of all statistics and machine learning inputs that we use to power our products.

Our Match pages contain an enhanced view of the ingame post-match Overview and Scoreboard screens, and go on to show hero builds, farm breakdowns, and much more. Matches can even be replayed using our Playback tool, showing a simplified match replay with comprehensive stats updated in real time for all heroes.

We’ve also create a unique performance metric called Individual Match Performance (IMP), which is a score ranging from -100 to +100 that describes each players contribution to their team’s win probability. IMP is displayed for every player in every recent match, and is used to assign winners for match awards, which include MVP, Top Core, and Top Support.


STRATZ+ is an AI-powered real-time draft assistant. Once installed and run, it automatically detects all players in every draft that you enter (whether you’re playing or spectating).

STRATZ+ has been shown to accurately predict match outcomes in at least 2 out of every 3 matches. It remains in active development, with updates to the neural networks taking place regularly, and new features being released inbetween updates to website updates and other projects.

Click the button below to learn more about STRATZ+.


From their inception in the 2020 Battle Pass, Guilds have become a staple of the Dota experience. As a result of their popularity, we provide a personalized profile for every single Guild in the game, showing all of their players and matches.

We also show leaderboards for every server, and track Guild leaderboard position from the previous week to the current one. This leaderboard can be especially useful in finding a new Guild to join.


The STRATZ API is the most comprehensive resource for Dota 2 statistics in the world, and it’s available for free. We’ve transitioned from REST to GraphQL to allow more flexibile and performant use of our data.

Using SkadiStats’s Clarity parser for replay data access, along with our array of inhouse parsers and analytics tools, the STRATZ API supplies both generic data from matches, along with many of our custom data types and analysis results.

Who uses STRATZ API?

Coupled with free Discord support and online documentation, we’re proud to power several of the most popular Dota 2 resources, like Dota2ProTracker (D2PT), Dota 2 Tracker Twitch extension, Overwolf DotaPlus draft assistant, and more...

Dota2ProTracker (D2PT)DotaPlusDota 2 TrackerSpectral StatsDotabod

Special Events

Dota is known for its seasonal special events and limited game modes. These are often released without warning, and each time we scramble to offer unique insights into each event.

Last year, we created a large set of resources to explore the depths of Aghanim’s Labyrinth, including replay data, match histories, leaderboards, hero composition stats, room win and pick rates by difficulty, and more. Later, we supported Diretide Match pages and builds, a look at the hero meta, match history for each player, and more.

As new special events come into being, you can rely on STRATZ to be the only resource to provide not only basic match stats, but also creative ways of exploring the nuances of each game mode.

What is STRATZ?
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